Get Wireless Internet on Your Laptop in More Places than Ever

Posted by: wirelessinternetproviders on Thursday, August 25th, 2011

When and where you access the high speed internet you need is a changing game.  No longer are you confined strictly by your computer chair.  Unplug from your daily internet routine, explore the world wide web from the world wide-… well, world.   How far can you go?  That’s up to you.

How to Get Wireless Internet on a Laptop on Your Couch?

We’ll start simple enough.  A home internet router will take your standard wired-in connection and convert for wireless use.  Then you can easily connect any wireless enabled device through the wireless access point.  However, traditional home routers only offer limited-range mobility.  Once you leave home you’ll need to find a new way to access your internet.

How to Get Wireless Internet on a Laptop on a Park Bench?

If you have a 4G internet connection, you can connect even in wide open spaces – so long as you’re in range of your 4G internet provider’s coverage network.  Not just a park bench, but practically everywhere citywide – rooftops, aboard the bus, and yes, your home as well.  CLEAR Internet created the first 4G network expanding to bring you more internet in more places over time.  Even smaller cities across the country may very well have CLEAR coverage in the area.  Verizon is currently expanding its newer 4G network, while ATT has a 4G upgrade currently in development.

How to Get Wireless Internet on a Laptop in the Middle of Nowhere?

While 4G offers newer technology and takes more resources to expand coverage, 3G coverage is still around for when you stray too far.  Sure, 3G will slow you down, but still far more convenient than no functional internet access whatsoever.  No, you won’t be able to book it at broadband speeds from the Mojave Desert, but Madawaska, Maine might be a better bet.

How to Get Wireless Internet on a Laptop Underwater?

Okay, that one’s impossible – for now at least, who knows what 5G will have in store.

How to Get Wireless Internet on a Laptop at a Price You Can Afford?

Getting wireless is well and good, but while you want wireless internet that’s blazing fast, you don’t want it to burn a hole in your pocket.  Even 4G wireless internet is now available on monthly plans to fit any budget, and wireless technology continues to develop, expect prices to drop even further.

There’s no reason sit stuck in one spot, whether wired-in or walled-in.  Find a plan that’s right for your budget and open your door to wireless internet in more places than you thought possible.

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