How Much Does Wireless Internet Cost?… Beyond the Price-Tag

How much does wireless internet cost? A not-so-simple question that can’t be answered with a mere price.  To truly assess the cost of wireless internet, you have to think like an economist and evaluate opportunity cost.  What are you giving up to opt for the convenience of wireless internet access over the wall-adjacent hardwire approach?

Historically speaking, wireless internet costs more, but not necessarily on your bottom line.  Yesterday’s “List of Grievances” against wireless internet might read something like:

How Much Does Wireless Internet Cost? (aside from the monthly bill)

  • Wasted loading times and buffering waits
  • Time lost looking for a signal
  • Minutes turned to hours worrying about network security

On the other hand, users enjoyed entirely new levels of satisfaction in terms of mobility and price.  Heck, back before security measures came standard, you could find wireless internet for free simply by sidling up to a neighbor’s network.

It makes sense that in gaining mobility, you might have to sacrifice a something.  But a simple question like “how much does wireless internet cost?” shouldn’t draw the ire of current users. After all, the internet was built to meet the specs of desktop computers.  As with any budding innovation, it takes time to craft a perfectly compatible new technology.

How much does wireless internet cost today? After 4 generations of evolution, 4G, or 4th generation wireless internet, marks the most landscape-changing incarnation of the internet in history, combining the previously unparalleled performance of a high speed hardwire connection with the almost limitless bounds of a cell phone network.

Though the technology is only available in substantial markets as of now, there’s no reason to doubt the inevitability of its widespread availability.  Like 3G wireless internet before it, 4G access will eventually be available to Americans across the country, already boasting full citywide coverage in most major urban areas.

As long as you’re in reach of a 4G signal, you can have access to the full power of the internet, just as if you were seated at your computer chair.  Only instead of sitting stuck, wired into the airplane take-off position, you have the freedom to relax, not just at home but around town.  Not to mention, security safeguards are now put in place by internet providers to mirror that of desktop hook-ups.

So, how much does wireless internet cost?  Let’s re-evaluate.  You’re getting a hardwire-capable connection, combined with citywide wireless freedom.

Perhaps the better question is, “How much is plug-in service really running you?”

  • Missed time with friends & family lost looking out your window.
  • Every last moment wishing you weren’t cooped up at your computer.
  • And of course, the mounting chiropractor bill 40+ hours a week in one spot will run you.
  • The list could go on…