New Shared Data Plans for Sprint Business Customers

Posted by: CK Luther on Friday, April 19th, 2013

Business owners and their employees often use mobile devices to communicate, gather information, and to increase productivity. Sprint’s newly introduced shared data plans for businesses provide an opportunity to lock in your monthly costs for mobile data usage. These shared plans help you budget for groups or staffing divisions instead of paying per user for data usage.


The Sprint shared data plans for businesses are available only through mid-June of 2013. With a maximum of 30 users per account, Sprint is marketing these plans to small businesses. The plans allow you to access the purchased data with phones, tablets, USB connections, and mobile hot spots. Enrolling in these plans requires signing a new two-year contract. Sprint’s Care division or the Business Direct unit can initiate the service for existing customers.

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Plan Options

Businesses have a choice of two service plans. For the Business Smartphone shared data plans, a business must activate at least one smartphone and have it as the primary phone on the account. This service option also works with basic phones, tablets, and hot spots. Sprint’s Tablet shared usage plans require that the primary device on the account is a compatible tablet. Businesses that choose a tablet plan also have the option of using the purchased data with a hot spot or USB device.


Smartphone shared data buckets range from 20 to 60 GB per month. The device maximum for the 20 GB plan is 10, and it is 30 for the 60 GB plan. Users pay $140 for 20 GB of shared data, $275 for 40 GB, and $350 for 60 GB. Additional charges apply for each tablet or hot spot on the same plan.

Tablet plans start at 10 GB of data monthly, which the business can share with a maximum of five users. The monthly shared data maximum for this plan is 60 GB for a maximum of 30 devices. Monthly charges start at $60 for the 10 GB plan with a cost of $320 for 60 GB.

Both of Sprint’s shared data plans have a data overage fee that totals $15 per GB, but Sprint bills your business in increments of $0.15 per MB of excess. Roaming data usage on these plans costs $0.25 per GB. These plan fees do not include talk or text for the devices on the account.

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