No Such Thing as Free Wireless

Posted by: wirelessinternetproviders on Monday, April 11th, 2011

No one wants to get caught paying more than they need to for wireless internet access.  If only wireless internet were free… that’s the dream, isn’t it?  No, there aren’t any purely free wireless internet providers.   The business model proves faulty, aside from perhaps a promotion here and there.  Still, thousands of internet users cruise wirelessly, without a bill to boot.  How do they do it?

If you’re not above taking the moral low-ground, it’s highly likely you can get by without an internet network of your own, particularly if you live in a densely packed apartment complex.  Simply turn on your airport, just as you would to connect to a legitimate wireless signal, and see what networks are available.  Many home routers are strong enough to power not only their owners, but nearby neighbors.  If someone nearby does not have their network password protected, then you’re only a few clicks away from free wireless internet.

Mind you, stealing wireless internet, even from neighbors and friends, is illegal.  Not to mention, relying on an internet signal that is not your own poses some inherent drawbacks.  What you save in cost probably won’t prove worth the risk and/or hassle.  Since you are attempting to connect to a network from further away than intended, you’re less likely to receive the same quality connection, as the signal won’t be as strong in your place of residence as the one it is intended to service.  Furthermore, by adding an additional user to the same network, you will slow down the connection speed, meaning less internet for you and the rightful owner.  In this instance, it’s possible the owners of the network would consider instituting a password, to preserve the performance of their connection and safeguard against unauthorized use.  If the connection you depend on suddenly switches to require a password or other log-on qualifier, you could find yourself without internet when you need it.

On a more temporary basis, some restaurants, hotels, bookstores and cafes may offer free wireless internet to customers while on the premises.  Though in most cases, free WiFi is reserved for paying customers.   Unless you have a self-loathing desire to down a cup of coffee every time you need to check your email, still stuck without internet access to pass the resulting sleepless nights, surviving off of complementary customer internet alone isn’t a practical solution.

In short, when it comes to an all-the-time, reliable wireless internet connection, most computer users find it beneficial to budget for internet access that’s all their own.  And while you’re at it, go ahead and make sure you’re network is protected, so you can enjoy the full performance you pay for.  There’s no shortage of affordable wireless internet providers, all across the country.  In today’s online age, wireless internet is less of a luxury and more of a necessity.  It’s nice to save a buck or two when you can, but securing an internet connection you can count on isn’t the time to get cheap.

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