Skydog’s Family Internet Management System

Posted by: CK Luther on Wednesday, May 8th, 2013

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A Skydog router not only puts you in control of family Internet usage, but it also lets you do it conveniently from your smartphone. PowerCloud, the manufacturer of the Skydog router, designed its hardware with convenience in mind.

The router’s menus and settings keep you and other family members safer, while you determine when, how much, and which selections are available for all or individual users on your family Internet service. This router also helps you maximize home network quality and increase productivity.

Router Features

At the heart of PowerCloud’s family network management package is the Wireless 802.11n Skydog router. This dual-band equipment operates on both the 2.4- and 5.0-Ghz communications systems. It supports data throughput speeds up to 300 megabits per second. With its five-port gigabit switch, the Skydog router allows you to selectively create zones that you assign to specific equipment, individual users, or internet functions, such as downloading files or streaming content. You can use the Skydog router alone or as a supplement to your existing networking hardware.

Management Dashboard

A cloud-based dashboard controls the settings of the router’s family Internet management panel. Skydog’s management is a home version of PowerCloud’s successful enterprise hardware and software package, used by corporations and small businesses.

It provides real-time analytics and instant access to your home network status data and settings. Built on HTML5, the cloud-based management system is multiplatform; it works with tablets, PCs, smartphones, and iOS devices. Using the cloud interface, you can conveniently provide assistance to extended family or friends who have Skydog routers by remotely troubleshooting settings and network status.

User-defined settings include the option to specify data usage and priority for your family internet, using timers for individuals or limiting access to the Internet at certain hours for individuals or zones. Control guest access to your network using settings that automatically keep them outside your firewall. Analyze service outages to determine if the source of the problem is your hardware or service provider.


PowerCloud beta tested its Skydog family Internet management package in 75 homes before making it available to the public. It is currently available only by signing up as a pledge supporter at Kickstarter, the crowdfunding platform.Early adopters have the option of getting Skydog by pledging $79 for routers already in stock.

These pledges count towards the company’s funding goal of $75,000. If the project does not meet its goal by May 14, 2013, all Kickstarter pledges are void.

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