Top Tablet Apps for Organization

Posted by: CK Luther on Friday, April 12th, 2013

Using a tablet doesn’t limit you to watching videos, reading email, and updating your social media accounts. When you install apps for organization, your tablet can boost your productivity at home and at work. The top apps run on Android tablets and iPads. Many of them also help you integrate your tablet with other mobile devices and your computers.

Organize Family Schedules

The Cozi family organizer is an award-winning multiplatform app, originally released for iPhones. This app lets you take the family to-do list off the fridge. Use the app’s templates to keep up with and share schedules, appointments, and important events. The app features a calendar that syncs with Outlook, and it lets you share shopping and tasks lists by text or email.

Task Management

Wunderlist has garnered wide acclaim as a simple but powerful to-do list manager that makes keeping track of personal, school, work, and family tasks almost effortless. Add items that you want to remember and receive reminders by email and notifications from the app. Use the categories in Wunderlist or create your own. Sync your lists online and with mobile devices on AppleTablet Training 101 F and Android platforms.

File Organization

Sync files between your tablet and a computer or your smartphone with Sugar Sync, a multiplatform app for organization of your documents. The free version lets you store and share up to 5 GB of photos, music, and files. You can access your synced files from your tablet or any device with an Internet connection.

Sugar Sync also lets you use your online storage for files that you keep only in the cloud, which helps you free storage space on your tablet. Alternative apps for organization, Google Drive and Box, also store and sync your tablet files. Both of these apps also let you edit your documents online.

Organize Finances

Mint is an all-in-one financial organization app for your tablet. This app, available for iPads and Android tablets, has won awards from leading financial and tech website and publications. Stay abreast of due dates for bills, create budgets, and track your expenses. Use Mint to set financial goals and get advice on strategies that help you reach them.


Evernote and Springpad are two top notebook apps for organization of ideas, Web pages, documents, and media. Both apps let you clip information from websites and store it in online notebooks.

Evernote also lets you attach documents to notes, record voice notes and share specific notes on Twitter, Facebook, or by email.

Springpad allows you to share notes that you save in public notebooks with the Springpad community or with friends by email. You can add reminders to your Springpad notes and receive them by email or SMS. These tablet notebook apps for organization also sync your notes and ideas to your phone and desktop.

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