What Good is 3G Wireless Internet?

It seems 3G phones were making their way under Christmas Trees, can it be so soon the technology has been made obsolete?  After all, the “3G” in 3G wireless internet stands for Third Generation, and as you can probably deduce, 4G stands next in line to throne.  Not so fast.  While 4G does represent an upgrade over 3G wireless internet by practically every measuring stick possible, the advent of 4G doesn’t mean 3G will suddenly go the way of 2G (yes 2G was/is a real thing, just ask a parent or elder sibling).  So, what’s the difference?

Well, unlike its 2G predecessor, 3G wireless internet has one distinct advantage… it’s still functional.  No, it’s not blazing fast.  But it gets the job done.  Can you videoconference, play games online or upload and download considerably sized files in seconds? Not quite.  Still, 3G wireless internet gives you internet equipped for cell phones, which while not ideal for a full computer-esque internet experience, allows for optimal convenience.

Though 4G wireless internet is certainly a marked improved by practically any performance metric, the drawback of 4G is a limited nationwide availability.  With a head start as the pioneering 4G provider CLEAR Internet has made a substantial dent in all major markets and many sizeable surrounding communities, while Verizon intends to expand its 4G offerings to more cities in the coming year.  Other 4G roll-out plans are less fully flushed out, as AT&T has yet to debut its 4G LTE network commercially, though has improved its 3G wireless internet network to deliver “4G-like” speeds through enhanced backhaul, later rebranded as “4G.”

However, even with several providers offering ever expanding 4G networks, 4G wireless internet may never be as widely available as 3G wireless internet.  Particularly in less populated regions of the country, it could be time-testing wait before 4G makes its way to town.  Not to mention, over the course of travel and business, sometimes even city dwellers find themselves far removed from concrete jungles.  3G wireless internet has its use, not as a primary form of internet, but as a complement to 4G service.

In fact, most 4G internet providers offer devices that switch over to 3G wireless internet service in the event a 4G signal is out of range temporarily.  So no matter where you are, on the road or on vacation, you can still enjoy wireless internet in some capacity as to not go entirely off the grid.

4G + 3G wireless internet offers the perfect combination of a high speed, high performance internet connection when and where you need it most, supported by a competent browsing option when you need information from far and wide.  And, when you purchase a 4G plan, 3G back-up service is often times complementary.  So, don’t write of 3G wireless internet just yet, rather show some respect for your elders.  One day it might just come in handy.