Wireless Internet Security and You

Am I putting myself at risk when I make transactions of a wireless connection as opposed to a hardwire connection?

There is a stigma surrounding wireless internet security.  However, in most instances, it is simply unwarranted, given today’s technological advancements in the wireless world.  Assuming you take advantage of safeguards put in place by reputable wireless internet providers to enhance wireless internet security, you’re wireless connection should be as trustworthy as a plug-in hook-up.

Are wireless internet connections are just as safe as hardwire internet connections.

Not necessarily.  Wireless internet security ultimately varies, depending on the network.  If you purchase wireless internet from an established internet provider and correctly follow all instructions regarding recommended security measures, then yes, you can expect a safe, secure wireless internet network.  However, if you trust free or public WiFi networks, or poach free WiFi  from your neighbor, no one is responsible for ensuring that the connection in question can be trusted.  Purchasing wireless internet establishes a chain of accountability, so in the event of a security breach, a problem can be dealt with in a timely manner.

What kind of information can be compromised if I choose to overlook wireless internet security considerations?

What kind of information do you share over the internet? From personal information that puts you at risk for identity theft to simple search history, the degree to which you’re at risk depends on your internet usage habits.  However, those who make a habit of entering sensitive material online, place themselves at an increased risk.  Of course, with online shopping at an all-time high and practically every site requiring a personal account, regardless of subject matter, it’s best to make wireless internet security a key consideration on the front end, rather than worry about worse consequences, such as identity theft, down the road.

Are 4G Internet connections safe?

At first glance it may appear that an internet network that grants access to so many people might put users at risk.  However, 4G internet networks are among the safest connections on the market, operating on licensed frequencies, while implementing complex transmission protocols and/or subscriber identity models.  4G providers have spared no expense in bringing citywide high speed internet to the masses, and overlooking a pressing concern such as wireless internet security would be a tragic and out-of-character misstep in an otherwise crowning technological achievement.  When you hear the phrase “4G,” rest assured, wireless internet security is well accounted for.