Wireless Internet - What is MiFi?

Wireless internet with MiFi

You’ve likely heard of wi-fi, a wireless internet connection via some sort of router. You probably have wi-fi in your home. Wi-fi is very popular because it prevents you from having to plug your device (smart phone, computer, tablet, etc.) in. It simply lets your device pick up a signal around you and connect quickly.

A relatively new concept similar to wi-fi is called MiFi. MiFi is a small, portable wireless tool that gives you a wireless connection wherever you are. Ever needed wireless in a hotel room but didn’t want to pay for it? Or how about while you’re commuting on the bus or train? If you can’t afford to be without wi-fi, or don’t want to limit yourself to Starbucks and the airport, consider MiFi as another option.

Let’s say you are commuting on the train and you need to get something done for work on your way in. Sure, you could connect to your 3G or 4G network on your smartphone, but what if you needed to edit a presentation? You can do that on your phone and send it over 3G, but that could take a while.

If you had your computer connected to wi-fi, not only could you edit the PowerPoint on a larger screen, but you could email it to your coworkers much faster.

Wireless internet compared to MiFi

You might be wondering what the difference is between the two. Think of it this way:

  • Wi-fi lets you connect wirelessly, but only if you’re in a free wi-fi zone or have the password to the network.
  • MiFi gives you a portable wi-fi network that you can access from anywhere.

All you do is purchase a MiFi dongle and turn it on. Your device will sync with the wireless signal, and you won’t have to plug anything in. Most MiFi devices have a range of about 30 feet and can provide wi-fi for as many as five devices.

The questions you have to ask yourself are:

  • Do I need to be able to access wi-fi at all times?
  • Can I afford to be without wi-fi?
  • Is the MiFi worth the extra cost, or should I just rely on free and/or unprotected wireless hotspots?
  • How often do I need wi-fi outside of my home?

Before you make the plunge, consider whether you can survive without it. Learn more about your options – from wireless internet Elk Grove to wireless internet Federal Way – on this website.