The Best Wireless Internet Providers

In most cases, saying something is the best is subjective, but that isn’t the case with wireless Internet providers. Depending on what you’re looking for, you can find the best wireless Internet provider that suits your needs. Here’s what to look for.

Search Wireless Internet Providers By Zip Code

What Makes them top Internet providers?

The best Internet provider will have the best combination of coverage, speed, data allowance and cost. You can find all of this information without spending a time, just input your ZIP code here, call 1-877-762-1352, or go to each provider’s website. Of course the best for you might not be the best for someone else, so before you start looking at stats, make sure you know what you need out a wireless Internet service. There’s a big difference in plans and stats between a media-heavy user and someone that just wants to do some light browsing and email.

Internet Stats

Look for these stats when browsing for the best wireless Internet providers.

4G Coverage
Obviously, you want as much 4G coverage as possible. Most providers aren’t at nationwide levels for 4G yet, but some are close. Put providers with more 4G over those without. Those with more 4G coverage have better chances of fast wireless speed.

Wireless Internet Speed
Don’t settle for speeds any slower than 3Mbps. If you plan on doing heavy media streaming and online work, you’ll want at least 5Mbps.

Some providers offer unlimited data usage, which is always a plus. If you’re stuck with data caps, find the one that suits your Internet habits. The more Internet you plan to use (and the more you plan to do on it), the more data you’ll need.

Of course you’ll need to consider the cost. Find the plan that fits your budget. Look for promo codes or ordering deals when it comes time to buy.