Cheap Wireless Internet Providers

With free wireless Internet available all over the place—fast food restaurants, malls, airports, hotels—it would seem that cheap wireless Internet would be easy to find. It can be, but you’ll want to make sure you’re not trading cost for low value. There are some high speed Internet providers out there advertising cheap services, because they’re just that, cheap, low quality. You want the best bang for your buck, you want high quality Internet at an affordable price.

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The Lowest Price Plan

Most providers have affordable low-end price plans good for light Internet users. If you just want the Internet to cruise a few websites, send some emails, and maybe download the occasional app, then the lower tier plans should serve you well. Obviously faster speeds and better technology cost more money, it’s just not possible to have the best, fastest Internet at super low prices, especially if you want to go wireless. Cheap wired alternatives like dial-up and DSL are available, but those technologies can be painfully slow. A low tier wireless plan will still be much faster than dial-up.

Low Plan Problems

The biggest issue with the low-end plans is the data cap. Not all providers have data usage caps, but most do. What is data usage? Just about everything you do online “costs” data. Be it looking at a picture on Facebook, downloading a song on iTunes, or just reading a product listing on Amazon. The more intensive things, like streaming movies and uploading documents cost more data, so if those are things you plan to do a lot, you might need more data. More data means a higher price.

But that doesn’t mean a cheap wireless plan is bad, it just means you’ll need to watch your data consumption. If you think you might use a lot of data, you could look into getting an unlimited plan. Not all providers offer unlimited plans, and they do cost more, but they also offer the best value. Do whatever you want—download or rent movies, stream music, upload files—you’ve got unlimited data!

The Light Internet User

Overall, a low tier plan can be a great fit for a light Internet user. They offer just the right amount of data and speed for someone that’s looking for a cheap Internet plan. A light Internet user is defined by:

  • Uses the Internet intermittently, does not need it for work, just for pleasure
  • Light web browsing—connecting with friends and family member through Facebook or email
  • Occasional small downloads of pictures, or apps
  • Won’t be streaming movies, online gaming, or downloading large files