A Look at CLEAR Wireless

CLEAR lays claim to the nation’s first 4G network, true specialists in wireless high speed internet. Through innovative WiMAX technology, CLEAR has been turning entire cities into wireless hotspots for over 2 years, giving residents immediate internet access, whenever and wherever they need it. As a 4G industry veteran, and still the leader in WiMAX technology, it’s no surprise other wireless providers turn to CLEAR to support their own 4G capabilities. Of course, while CLEAR lends 4G service to partners like Sprint and Comcast to help deliver 4G coverage to more customers, there’s no better way to guarantee the best price and performance than to buy straight from the source.

CLEAR’s 4G Network

Because CLEAR has more experience in providing 4G service than any other wireless provider, CLEAR 4G internet is widely available compared to other competing networks. Unlike HSPA+ 4G providers, CLEAR crafted its WiMAX powered 4G network with the intention of satisfying computer users as opposed to cell phone surfers, aiming to provide the full power of the internet from anywhere within a citywide wireless network. Stream media, video conference, even online gaming, all considered high usage activities, can be performed seamlessly, without lag or delay, on the CLEAR 4G network. Indoors, outdoors, on the train or bus around town, CLEAR can truly boast on-the-go, take-it-with you high speed internet access. Not to mention, CLEAR 4G Internet is completely wireless, even for basic in-home only wireless set-ups, so you can access the internet quickly, without the clutter.


CLEAR Home Modems – CLEAR offers 2 home modems for its base 4G home internet package, the CLEAR Modem Series G and the CLEAR Modem with WiFi. The Series G is easily installed to work with both Mac and PC devices, while the CLEAR Modem with WiFi naturally connects with any wireless enabled device in your home.

CLEAR Mobile USB Devices – CLEAR offers two forms of mobile devices for on-the-go high speed internet access. The CLEAR 4G Mobile USB drive gives you instant plug and play access to the CLEAR 4G internet network, wherever coverage is available. The CLEAR 4G+ Mobile USB Series S offers the same extensive 4G coverage, but switches to broader 3G service in the event you stray outside the citywide network.

CLEAR Mobile Hotspots – With the CLEAR Spot 4G, you can connect up to 8 WiFi enabled devices simultaneously, while receiving full 4G capability on each, from anywhere in the coverage area. The CLEAR Spot 4G+ allows for 5 WiFi devices at once, but can revert to 3G service, if you plan on spending considerable time far removed from the city.

More about CLEAR Internet

Though CLEAR is still a relatively new name in the internet business, and a small company compared to industry giants like AT&T and Verizon, when it comes to 4G service, no provider has more experience. CLEAR 4G Internet is available in most metropolitan areas, so if you live in or near a CLEAR coverage city, you can take your connection with you, wherever you go.

Check Out These Testimonials from Other CLEAR Customers

“I have had many internet connections and CLEAR is by far the best I have used. I always have service and no interruptions. CLEAR is the best.”


“I’m so glad I got rid of cable internet. I recently had to move in a hurry. With CLEAR I was back on my desktop as soon as I plugged it in. There was no waiting for installation. Thank you CLEAR.”