A Look at Comcast

As the largest home internet provider in the United States, Comcast meets the daily internet needs of millions of Americans. In order to continue to satisfy the rising demand of customers, Comcast has partnered with CLEAR and Sprint to bring XFINITY 2go 4G service to households that want internet not only for the home, but to take with them around town. The XFINITY name is consistent across all of Comcast’s internet plans, including both hardwire and wireless home internet service, which Comcast bundles with digital cable TV service and phone service, as well as competitive internet-only pricing.

XFINITY 2go: Nationwide and Nationwide Preferred

Two separate Comcast internet plans are covered under the XFINITY 2go umbrella, the nationwide plan and the nationwide preferred plan, both among the more popular Comcast deals currently available. The Nationwide plan gives continuous access to 3G coverage, anywhere Sprint offers 3G service. However, on the Nationwide plan, subscribers will not receive 4G coverage. With the Nationwide Preferred plan, you get 4G access throughout the numerous citywide wireless networks currently powered by WiMAX technology. Through their partnership with CLEAR, the WiMAX industry leader, Comcast is able to offer 4G coverage to most markets in the United States. Nationwide Preferred subscribers will also have full access to the Sprint 3G network, when 4G service is not readily accessible.


3G USB Device – The 3G mobile broadband device is a USB drive that lets you connect your laptop or netbook to the XFINITY 2go 3G network. Nationwide plan customers can use this device to receive a constant connection from coast to coast.

3G Mobile Hotspot – The 3G mobile hotspot provides another option for individuals on the Nationwide plan, allowing connectivity for up to 5 WiFi enabled devices, so you can use multiple electronics at once, while staying connected.

3G/4G USB Device – Like the 3G mobile broadband device, the 3G/4G mobile broadband device is a more advanced upgrade for Nationwide Preferred subscribers. The small USB drive affords access to the XFINITY 2go 4G network whenever available, then defaults to 3G coverage for expanded service.

More Comcast Wireless Internet Options

Comcast internet plans start with more basic options, with nationwide and citywide high speed internet access serving as an upgraded alternative for customers who demand increased connectivity and high speed service on-the-go. Comcast internet plans also include XFINITY WiFi routers for home wireless internet service. XFINITY internet customers also get free access to thousands of XFINITY WiFi hotspots nationwide at select restaurants, coffee shops and other establishments.