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Santa Monica, CA Wireless Internet Providers

Not only is the air a little cleaner in Santa Monica, as ocean winds keep it relatively free from the smog that plagues much of the LA area, Santa Monica residents also breath in a strong 4G signal every time they take a breath of fresh air. Santa Monica is one of several Los Angeles communities in which local wireless internet providers can offer full 4G coverage.

Why Should Santa Monicans Go 4G?

Living in Santa Monica, you have your choice of both hardwire and wireless internet providers, situated in such close proximity to a global city like LA. However, only 4G internet can combine both maximum performance and convenience, effectively merging the mobility of a cell phone network with the speed and reliability of a broadband desktop connection.

Plan Name Plan Price
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4G Home Basic $35/mo
4G Mobile $45/mo
4G/3G Mobile $55/mo
4G Home & Mobile
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  • Take the family to the famous pier, even if you have to work late, fully capable of keeping up with your inbox, even videoconferencing, as necessary.
  • Kick and push your way across town with your laptop over your shoulder, free to stop and quickly connect whenever you need internet.
  • Enjoy the same 4G signal, all throughout Los Angeles, whether at home in Santa Monica or spending the day in one of several SoCal suburbs.

Yes, hardwire and limited-mobility wireless internet providers are a dime a dozen in Santa Monica, and can likely offer service at a relatively affordable rate. But only Santa Monica’s 4G wireless internet providers can deliver the full power of the internet on such a large scale. Even when traffic slows you down, high speed internet is practically always accessible, for internet how you want it, when you want it, including intensive internet activities, like online gaming and streaming video.

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