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Wireless Broadband Has Come to Westport, CT

Get in touch with your internet provider now about 4G wireless broadband in Wetsport!

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A city of parks, Wesport is truly on the rise. As the city modernizes it takes on new technologies and challenges while managing to retain its historical charm, so Wireless 4G has been a welcome addition in Westport! Coverage all over town means residents here never have to worry about searching for wi-fi or being out of range.

The Details on 4G Broadband in Westport:

Plan Name Plan Price
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4G Home Basic $35/mo
4G Mobile $45/mo
4G/3G Mobile $55/mo
4G Home & Mobile
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Professionals and homemakers alike can agree that the mobility of 4G wireless makes connecting easier than ever before

  • Your laptop is your hotspot – service from Westport all the way into Bridgeport!
  • Cell phone data plans are a thing of the past when you’ve got a high-speed wireless connection
  • Lightning fast downloading and video streaming come standard with a 4G connection
  • Wireless providers all over Westport are waiting to answer your questions!

Wouldn’t it be nice to stay connected while strolling through Jesup Green or catching up on work at Riverside Park? With wireless 4G in Westport, you can!

Business is booming in Westport but that doesn’t mean people here like to stay inside. From the beaches of Southside to the Longshore Club Park, being outdoors with wireless means you don’t have to compromise your connection to enjoy the sights. Call your Westport area wireless provider today for more information on wireless plans in your neighborhood. There are deals and specials all over Westport so don’t miss your chance to get the country’s newest technology: high-speed 4G broadband! Affordable options are available so anyone in Westport can start enjoying the speed, reliability and convenience of 4G mobile broadband today. Call your wireless provider now!

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