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Mobile Broadband Internet is in Clearwater, FL

Clearwater, FL Wireless Internet Providers

Get online today with the latest in 4G technology – Clearwater residents are loving the mobility and convenience of 4G broadband!

Get Deals From Clearwater Wireless Internet Providers

Clearwater, Florida sits just outside of Tampa and not far from St. Petersburg but this beach town has a reputation all its own. It’s a classically Florida destination for residents and visitors alike and with a bustling business community, it’s no wonder Clearwater is talking about mobile broadband.

Wouldn’t it be nice to email your vacation photos right from the sands of Pier 60? How about making reservations at the Murielle Winery from the backseat of the car? There’s nowhere in Clearwater that doesn’t have access to the reliable mobile connection of 4G broadband so get in touch with your internet dealer today!

Finding out more is just a phone call away, and don’t forget to ask about all the great deals and specials in the Clearwater area! Whether you need internet at Sand Key Park or out at the Marine Aquarium, get connected sooner and more dependably with the mobile broadband network.

4G Means…

  • Security – It’s safer than public wifi so you won’t have to worry about sensitive information
  • Reliability – Never be stuck looking for a wireless signal in a public place again
  • Affordability – There are so many plans to choose from, it’s impossible not to find wireless affordable
Plan Name Plan Price
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4G Home Basic $3499/mo
4G Home Faster $4999/mo
4G Mobile $4999/mo

Get on the Phone With Wireless Providers

Call now to learn more! Wireless broadband 4G in Clearwater is waiting for you – think of how convenient it’s going to make things! From surfing online at Clearwater Beach to looking up menus straight from the sidewalks of downtown, you’ll never be more connected than when you’re online with the broadband network.

Get wireless internet in Clearwater, FL now! Call your local Clearwater internet provider today to find out how!

Get Wireless Internet in Clearwater, FL

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