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Kennesaw, Georgia Wireless Internet Providers

4G Internet has come to Kennesaw: get your connection today!

Kennesaw’s only about a half hour from Atlanta but it has all the big city conveniences and small town charm. A commuter community with affordable home prices and plenty to see and do, Kennesaw is becoming a popular place for both business and leisure! From arts festivals to a rich locomotive history to Kennesaw Mountain State Park and Battlefield, this town knows what it means to stay on the go. That’s why residents here are turning to 4G wireless to keep them connected…

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Information Doesn’t Slow Down

Plan Name Plan Price
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4G Home Basic $3499/mo
4G Home Faster $4999/mo
4G Mobile $4999/mo

You don’t have to work in Atlanta to know that information’s moving faster than ever, and nowhere more so than in Kennesaw. Wireless internet providers here are helping make download speeds and streaming video more accessible and faster than ever before: what are you waiting for? Find out what you need to know about 4G today!

    Why Get 4G in Kennesaw?
  • 4G is less expensive than you think, and you’ll save a ton on pricey cell phone data plans the moment you switch
  • If it’s mobility you need, Kennesaw internet providers have the answer. 4G lets you connect anywhere, anytime…all you need is a laptop
  • Painfully slow speeds won’t stop you any longer – wireless is lightning fast and more reliable than ever before

Keep your work with you with a high-speed 4G connection is not the only benefit. Imagine turning a day at the park into a business meeting or pulling up maps right from the passenger seat on I-85. Kennesaw has the business and 4G has the answer. Contact your wireless internet providers today to get the low down on what you’re missing!

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