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Isn’t it about time you got the high speed and convenience you just can’t get with regular broadband? 4G has hit Lawrenceville!

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Just north of Atlanta, Lawrenceville, or Crepe Myrtle City, as the locals call it, is a bastion of food, culture and arts. Georgians here know how to mix business and pleasure and Lawrenceville’s got the charm and history to bring the two worlds together. For staying connected all over Gwinnett county, wireless 4G internet in Lawrenceville is the way to go – locals know!

Lawrenceville Has it All

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4G Home Basic $3499/mo
4G Home Faster $4999/mo
4G Mobile $4999/mo

From award winning recreational facilities to a charmingly historic downtown area, Lawrenceville is a county seat with a lot to offer. Though it may seem small on the outside, the town’s got big business and lots of industry, and busy professionals here know a reliable internet connection is a must. Whether you live, work or just play in Lawrenceville, GA, it’s time you talked to your wireless internet provider about 4G!

    The Benefits of 4G Wireless
  • Did you know 4G is more affordable than you imagined? And think of how much you’ll save on expensive cell phone data plans!
  • High-speed internet with you wherever you can take your laptop – that’s what 4G has to offer
  • Downloading, streaming and surfing the web have never been easier or more convenient than with 4G

Lawrenceville is miles away from the big city but residents here need to keep up with the speed of business. Whether catching a show at the Performing Arts Center or taking a Historic Ghost Tour, Lawrenceville families count on 4G to keep them connected wherever they are. Contact wireless internet providers in Lawrenceville today to find out about deals in your area!

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