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Kahului, HI Wireless Internet Providers

Whale-watching and hiking are among the most popular activities on Maui, but locals know that Maui is more than just a tourist spot. For over 100,000 people, its also home, and wireless Maui internet providers help residents take care of business so they can concentrate on the important things in life.

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Maui offers a wide range of breathtaking sights, from the giant volcanic crater of Haleakalā to the gorgeous coastline at spots like Kahikinui. With all this grandeur waiting on the island, not to mention the cultural contributions of Mauis diverse inhabitants, it can be difficult to stay inside long enough to get anything done. Thats why choosing one of the 4G wireless Maui internet providers can be so freeing.

Benefits of 4G Wireless Broadband

  • USB modems and hotspots provide wireless access around the city
  • Speeds rival those of home broadband providers
  • A network powerful enough for video-conferencing, music downloads, and more

In the past, wireless internet on the go has meant either searching for a public Wi-Fi hotspot or settling for browsing on your smartphone. Neither are optimum solutions when you need to carry out personal financial transactions, video-conference with clients, or download large files. Luckily, some Maui internet providers are now offering 4G broadband networks to make browsing around the island easier than ever.

With 4G wireless internet, Maui residents can use a portable hotspot or USB modem to get connected almost anywhere on the island. These devices will work with any Wi-Fi compatible laptop, and the portable hotspot can also work with other Wi-Fi compatible devices. With many other wireless Maui internet providers, you can only connect with your mobile device.

Plan Name Plan Price
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4G Home Basic $3499/mo
4G Home Faster $4999/mo
4G Mobile $4999/mo

By comparing the 4G broadband option with existing wireless services, its easy to see why 4G networks are continuing to grow. Their range and speed make them optimum networks for Maui residents, because theres just too much to do on the island to stay in one place for long.

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