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Boise, ID Wireless Internet Providers

Recognized as the most secure place to live for cities its size by Farmers Insurance Magazine (2006), and the second best place for business and careers by Forbes Magazine (2008), theres no shortage of reasons why locals are happy to call Boise home. Internet providers in Boise certainly do their part as well, offering 4G wireless internet, the most versatile internet network available on the market today. A 4G connection makes life in Boise even better, allowing you to connect to a citywide high speed wireless network.

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4G Lets You Do Boise Even Better

Plan Name Plan Price
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4G Home Basic $3499/mo
4G Home Faster $4999/mo
4G Mobile $4999/mo
  • Enjoy the same reliable, high speed internet connection you would expect from your home or office computer, only wireless, so you move not only around your home, but around the city, at will.
  • Take advantage of the greenery that has become a staple of Boises reputation, dubbed The City of Trees by foliage admirers, while taking your internet connection with you.
  • Cruise the internet at leisure after taking stroll or bike ride down the Boise River Green Belt, or enjoy a workday outdoors at the Julia Davis Park, without setting foot in the office.
  • Take on even high usage data activities in stride, including online gaming, video conferencing and streaming media.

4G gives you the elite performance of a DSL hardwire connection, coupled with with the mobility of a cell phone network, seamlessly blending capability and convenience. Best of all, Boises internet providers offer 4G service at affordable prices to boot.

Internet providers in Boise offer several plans for both standard home wireless internet and high speed plug-in internet. However, Boises 4G internet providers give you the performance of plug-in connection while far surpassing the range of limited mobility home routers, all for an affordable price.

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