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Located just outside of Boise, Caldwell is a charming hamlet with Idahoan appeal. Residents here enjoy the great outdoors playing golf one of the town’s two great courses or taking in the Caldwell Night Rodeo that hits town every few months. Getting outside means staying connected which is why Caldwell residents are excited to share the news about 4G broadband!

In Caldwell, Information Moves Fast

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Students at Caldwell’s College of Idaho campus count on wireless to stay online, whether sending emails or downloading homework. Business doesn’t slow down here, either, and professionals in Caldwell like the reliability of 4G as well as its dependably fast connection speeds. What can 4G in Caldwell do for you?

  • 4G in Idaho is mobile and convenient – take your connection with you!
  • Secure 4G connections mean no more worrying about sending your information through a public wi-fi hotspot!
  • Broadband connections mean more speed than you’ve ever experienced – blazing fast!
  • Wireless plans in Caldwell are less expensive than you think and you can save money by dumping your expensive cell phone data plan once and for all!

From the Canyon County Fair to numerous soccer, basketball and tennis events, residents of Caldwell trust 4G to get them connected anywhere. Your Idaho wireless provider has all the information you need to compare pricing plans and coverage maps in your area – getting wireless has never been easier! If you’re ready to upgrade your internet, call your Caldwell internet provider and ask about 4G today!

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