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Located just across the river from Boston, Cambridge is often referred to as “Boston’s Left Bank.” This multicultural town has both education and business and its now enjoying all the benefits of 4G broadband access! Home to both Harvard College and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge is a smart town with a lot of students – students that demand the fastest most reliable high-speed broadband to get their work done.

History plays a big part in the fabric of Cambridge and with such sites as George Washington’s former home and Old Cambridge, visitors here take a step back in time. Dozens of bookstores, cafes and boutiques line the streets of quaint Cambridge and residents here know that they’ll be connected from the banks of the river all the way to Harvard Hall.

Why Choose Internet Providers in Cambridge?

Plan Name Plan Price
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4G Home Basic $3499/mo
4G Home Faster $4999/mo
4G Mobile $4999/mo

Everyone’s talking about 4G, and for good reason. Mobility means never losing your internet connection when you travel around town, from Harvard Square to Porter Square.

  • Secure connecting means never worrying about transmitting sensitive data online again
  • Convenience is in the portability: mobile broadband goes where you go!
  • Blazing fast speeds mean downloading and streaming are faster than you ever imagined and even video chatting is a breeze

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When you need a no-fail connection out on the town, the best choice in Cambridge is 4G broadband. Wireless internet is the wave of the future and in this historical hamlet, keeping up with neighboring Boston is not only an option, it’s a necessity. For more information about coverage areas and pricing for wirelss in Cambridge, contact your 4G Internet providers by phone!

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