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Wireless Internet Providers in Minneapolis

Minneapolis, MN Wireless Internet Providers

The only major business hub between Chicago and Seattle, the city of Minneapolis plays a crucial role in commerce, finance, transportation and health care in the Upper Midwest. Minneapolis' internet providers know that the citys unique regional influence means residents demand an increased-performance internet network, which is why Minneapolis is among the select cities nationwide to receive full 4G coverage.

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How Does 4G Change the Minneapolis Landscape?

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4G Home Basic $3499/mo
4G Home Faster $4999/mo
4G Mobile $4999/mo

By offering citywide 4G service, Minneapolis internet providers let you blend the elite performance of a hardwire high speed hook-up with the convenience and mobility of a cell phone network. Get the unabridged power of the internet, from anywhere in Minneapolis, whether youre at home, around town or on the go.

  • Enjoy the same seamless 4G signal whether youre hanging around Minneapolis or next door in St. Paul for the day, without searching for a new network.
  • Take the family to one of Minneapolis many parks, recognized as the best designed and maintained parks in the United States, and still get your work done, with an office-worthy connection by your side.
  • Turn your morning ride in on the Metro Transit light rail into a head start on your day, free to check up on your inbox, put together presentations, even video conference, if youre running late.

A 4G connection can tackle practically any internet activity, without lag or delay, so you can truly have internet when and where you want it. Even intense internet use, like streaming media, online gaming and large file upload/downloads, are well within the 4G wheelhouse.

There are plenty of internet providers in Minneapolis to choose from, but not all can offer full 4G coverage. Though some of Minneapolis internet providers may offer partial 4G service or 4G phones, true 4G internet gives you an all-over-town coverage network, built with enough bandwidth for computer users. Make sure to do your homework when shopping around for internet, so you can find reliable 4G service at an affordable price.

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