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Wireless Internet Providers in Columbus

Columbus, OH Wireless Internet Providers

Nicknamed the "Biggest Small Town in America," a unique blend of capital city and college feel, residents of Columbus have unique internet needs to match. Internet providers in Columbus know this, thus have gone out of their way to make sure the latest and greatest internet is readily available all across town, 4G wireless internet.

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4G Internet Providers In Columbus Give Your Internet Everywhere

Plan Name Plan Price
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4G Home Basic $3499/mo
4G Home Faster $4999/mo
4G Mobile $4999/mo
  • Never before has the internet been so readily available or easily accessible, with strong 4G signal always in the air, throughout Columbus.
  • Cruise at blazing fast 4G speeds usually reserved for hardwire connections, but without the wires to keep you tied down.
  • Use all the bandwidth you need to stream movies, play online games, upload/download large files or video conference, activities too intense for lesser wireless networks.
  • Take an uninterrupted, high performance connection with you, so you can work at home, on campus, downtown or on-the-go.

Information is placed on high priority in Ohios capital, whether students in the classroom, politicians crafting policy or citizens at-large. Columbus 4G internet providers keep you connected around the clock, delivering a strong signal any time of day or night, even times you would normally be out of touch, so you truly discover The Discovery City, without falling behind on the days news and events.

In Columbus, internet providers offer countless options to choose from, but nothing can match the elite combination of performance and price you get with a 4G connection. While several Columbus internet providers may offer 4G service, what you pay and where you are covered will depend on the provider you select. Be sure to find an internet provider in Columbus with both an extensive coverage map and an affordable plan.

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