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Wireless Internet Providers in Portland, OR

Portland, OR Wireless Internet Providers

Among the most eco-friendly cities on the planet, not only is the air in Portland a little fresher than in cities its size, its filled with a strong 4G internet signal. Internet providers in Portland are among the select few to offer citywide 4G wireless internet, meaning no wiring or digging to give you an internet connection you can count on.

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Plan Name Plan Price
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4G Home Basic $3499/mo
4G Home Faster $4999/mo
4G Mobile $4999/mo
  • Connect quick, from anywhere in Portlands citywide 4G network and bring the full power of the internet to your fingertips.
  • Stream videos, play online games, upload and download large files, all without a lag or delay, with the additional bandwidth provided by a new generation of wireless technology.
  • Browse with broadband speed and hardwire security, without wires or cables keeping you in check.

No matter where you are in Portland, 4G internet providers can give you seamless high-speed access, so you can enjoy and the great outdoors and the internet simultaneously. Along the Willamette River in Tom McCall Waterfront Park or any of the 8,100+ acres of protected land in Portland, enjoy a high-tech, purely wireless connection, leaving natures scenery clutter-free.

Though you have a choice of several internet providers in Portland, the size of your 4G network will depend on which one you select. With the right provider, you can take your 4G connection with you, wherever you go. 4G coverage can give you limitless access to the internet, when and where you want it. Dont settle for less when one when picking between Portlands internet providers.

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