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Wireless Internet Providers in Salem

Salem, OR Wireless Internet Providers

Oregons capital city, Salems famously active residents have a pressing need to stay informed at all times. Fortunately, Salems internet providers offer 4G wireless internet, the most advanced internet network on the market, so both politicians and citizens alike can stay connected around-the-clock, living in the statewide center for breaking news and developments.

A 4G connection lets you experience Salem like never before, without having to worry about losing touch the world around you. No sitting stranded at home because you dont trust overcrowded cafe wireless networks. Internet providers in Salem have accounted for the entire city, so youre free to spend the day at Marion Square Park or head up to the Saturday Market, while catching up on the days Salem-News online. Indoors, outdoors and around town, a 4G signal is always conveniently available. Internet providers in Salem may vary in terms of both 4G coverage areas and price. With all of Salem covered by a 4G signal, theres no reason to choose network with a limited coverage map.

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4G Home $50/mo
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4G Home & Mobile
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Not a make-shift on-the-go network set up by cell phone companies, 4G is true internet access in every sense of the word, letting you get the most out of your computer.

  • Turn all of Salem into one high speed wireless hotspot, around town, at home or on-the-go.
  • Surf the web at blazing fast 4G speeds, on par with high speed DSL hardwire connections, but without the wired-in restrictions
  • Upload or download large files, stream media, video conference. Beefed up 4G bandwidth can handle high usage activities too intense for other wireless networks.

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