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Philadelphia, PA Wireless Internet Providers

When youre living in Philadelphia, the 5th largest city in the country, choosing the right internet provider is an important step toward getting all you can out of the city. Philadelphia internet providers give you the tools to find the latest city news, play the songs of your favorite new Philadelphia artists, search out the best cheesesteak restaurants, and more.

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While many Philadelphia internet providers will limit you to the range of a cable modem (or a Wi-Fi router), there are also new wireless options in the city which can provide significantly more freedom. The most advanced wireless Philadelphia internet providers use 4G broadband technology, which lets users surf on the laptops at speeds similar to those of home broadband modems.

What is 4G Wireless Broadband?

CLEAR Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Monthly Plans and Pricing

Philadelphia, PA Monthly Price Plans Available
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$59.99/mo UNLIMITED Data Plan
$39.99/mo 40GB Data Plan
$29.99/mo 4GB Data Plan
$19.99/mo 2GB Data Plan
  • Freedom: wireless access from almost anywhere in the city without a public hotspot
  • Ease: USB modems and portable spots for quick connections
  • Speed: broadband-quality speeds around Philadelphia
  • Security: no more unprotected networks

With 4G internet providers, Philadelphia residents can connect to the network from almost anywhere in the city. Connect in Fairmount Park or at Lincoln Financial Field just as easily as you would at your home or office, using a 4G portable hotspot or USB modem. Youll be amazed at how different Philadelphia seems when you can bring your wireless internet network with you.

Philadelphia has seen many changes come and go during Americas history. Philadelphia internet providers help you learn about the citys past while staying up-to-date on its future. With 4G wireless internet, you can get some of the fastest speeds around the city to make exploring Philadelphia even easier. 4G wireless broadband is an effective choice for most residents looking for fast and reliable access all around the city, and comparing this choice with other internet providers in Philadelphia will help you to see its numerous benefits.

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