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When you choose a wireless internet provider, youre not just choosing where you want to send your monthly payments. Your wireless internet provider is responsible for providing fast, unrestrained access with the encryption necessary to make sure your private data stays safe. Its easy to find top wireless internet providers by zip code, but deciding which specific features and options are important to you can take some time. With plenty of recent advances in wireless technology, especially 4G WiMAX, being offered by a select number of companies, its well worth your time to do some searching before committing to a provider.

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How Do I Find the Top Internet Providers in my Zip Code?

Enter your zip code in the box above to find out more about the top wireless providers in your area, or search through the states below. Once you have your list of available options, its easier to find the provider that will work for you. Keep in mind that not all types of wireless providers will be able to provide the same service. 3G and 4G are two standards which have been created to help customers choose between different wireless internet services. Each of these groupings includes a number of more specific technologies. For example, 4G can include services like WiMAX and LTE. Some of the major features of both 3G and 4G are highlighted below.

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Wireless Internet Providers: 3G Options

3G wireless internet is the more commonly offered wireless option, because the technology has been around longer. Most 3G networks cover the entire nation, so finding a provider in your area shouldnt be a problem. While 3G is a reliable option for smartphone users, it does not completely recreate the home broadband internet experience. Still, 3G is an effective option in areas where 4G is not yet available.

A few points to keep in mind about 3G internet service:

  • Widely available across the country
  • Generally provided by national wireless phone networks
  • Data usage plans can make high-bandwidth downloads difficult/expensive

Wireless Internet Providers by Zip Code: 4G Broadband Options

Many people are now searching for high speed wireless internet providers by zip code because theyre tired of using public wireless hotspots or ineffective browsing on clogged smartphone networks. If this sounds like you, then your best bet is 4G mobile broadband.

4G wireless internet is great for staying connected to your business, school work, or social life no matter where you go. Several details help 4G broadband stand out when compared to other high speed internet providers:

  • Connect around your city with a mobile hotspot or USB modem
  • Get broadband-quality speeds 4x faster than 3G
  • Experience a secure data connection rather than unencrypted Wi-Fi
  • Prices comparable to other broadband options

Is 4G Broadband Right for You?

As you enter your location above and browse the list of wireless providers in your zip code, be sure to keep track of which features are important to you. Remember, choosing an internet service means more than just choosing a price. Make the wireless decision that will provide you with the most freedom with the best peace of mind. Like a quickly growing number of customers, you could find that 4G broadband is just what youve been looking for.