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Wireless Providers Are Saving You Money in Bothell, WA

Call your local internet provider today for more information on how you can get high-speed 4G coverage in Bothell and beyond!

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Bothell, Washington sits just outside of Seattle and residents here know how to take advantage of the outdoors. With so much natural scenery, no one in Bothell likes being stuck in the office which is why professionals here are loving the mobile capacity of wireless 4G broadband. All over Bothell, wireless 4G has you covered!

When you need internet right in the heart of the Saint Edward State Park or along the Seattle Waterfront you should trust in 4G broadband. Out and about in Bothell? 4G has you covered from downtown to the shopping mall so never spend another minute searching for clumsy Wi-Fi networks. When you need the speed of 4G, trust in wireless broadband.

Providers in Bothell Have Wireless Internet

Plan Name Plan Price
CALL 1-877-918-7516
4G Home Basic $3499/mo
4G Home Faster $4999/mo
4G Mobile $4999/mo

Call today to find out more about deals and specials in your Bothell neighborhood. Whether you live near the Bothell Museum or Willow’s Edge Farm, 4G has a wide range all over town. Colorado wireless is the newest in 4G innovation, so contact providers in your area to find out more about plans and pricing that’s right for you.

A Few More Things to Love About Wireless:

  • Lightning fast speed means downloading and streaming is seamless, from laptop to desktop
  • Mobile connections mean you take you internet wherever you go – your laptop is the hotspot
  • Secure connections mean you never have to stress about sending information online
  • Wireless means you can save money by cancelling your cellphone data plan once and for all

With so many reasons to get 4G in Bothell, what are you waiting for? Call internet providers in your area now to find out more about the exciting world of 4G broadband and what wireless in Bothell can do for you!

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