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Every city has a few notable celebrities, but Kennewick has one of the oldest: the prehistoric Kennewick Man found on the river bank in 1996. The Kennewick Man is proof that people have been enjoying Kennewicks beautiful location for thousands of years. The banks of the river may not have changed much in the last few millennia, but other advances-like those of Kennewick internet providers-are helping residents enjoy them in a whole new way.

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There are many Kennewick internet providers to choose from, as many residents already know. It can be tempting to simply get a home broadband modem. If thats all you own, though, then your internet browsing outside of the home will be severely limited. Kennewick does have its share of free public wi-fi hotspots, but these connections are generally unencrypted and not recommended for personal transactions. 4G wireless internet provides a safe and secure alternative. Just what is 4G wireless?

  • The freedom of wireless internet with the speed of home broadband
  • Browse, watch, and download in the park, on the bus, and more
  • USB modems and portable hotspots let you connect your laptop almost anywhere in Kennewick

4G broadband networks are especially geared toward users who want fast and reliable internet coverage both at home and on-the-go. With 4G internet providers in Kennewick, you can get a portable hotspot or USB modem that will work both at home and almost anywhere you go in the city. The 4G network offers speeds matching those of most home broadband providers. The best 4G networks also include many other parts of the country, including the rest of the Tri-Cities region.

There are many things to take into account when choosing one of the many Kennewick internet providers, including range, speed, and security. 4G broadband performs admirably in all of these aspects, and at an affordable price.

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