High Speed Internet Providers

There are tons of high speed Internet providers out there, but not all of them are high speed wireless Internet providers. For example some companies, particularly cable companies, will advertise wireless Internet services, but they’re really just home Wi-Fi services set up with a standard wired connection and a wireless router.

Search Wireless Internet Providers By Zip Code

If you’re looking for high speed Internet on the go, you’ll need to pay close attention to the fine print. Providers of these services should offer the following:

  • A wireless Internet network with broad coverage (the broader the coverage the better)
  • Affordable plans for high speed wireless on the go and at home
  • Competitive speeds that offer quick downloads and uploads in any coverage area

Getting Connected Through a Provider

You don’t have to purchase a laptop from a high speed Internet provider if you already have one. Many providers sell external devices that you can use to connect to their network. These come in the form of USB-powered wireless devices—sometimes called laptop sticks or network cards—and mobile hotspot devices. Mobile hotspot device connect to a wireless network and broadcast the connection through a Wi-Fi signal, so you can connect a variety of Wi-Fi devices to it.

You can often purchase these devices through a provider; some of them may even come free if you sign up for an extended plan or contract. It is important to note that the technology each provider uses might not be compatible with other networks. A wireless Internet device from a high speed Internet provider like Comcast won’t work with a wireless Internet provider like CLEAR. That’s why most providers have plans, because unlike Wi-Fi, mobile broadband networks don’t run on universal technology.

High Speed Internet Providers

The following providers offer high speed Internet (keep in mind that not all offer wireless Internet)
Time Warner Cable