FrontPoint Security Tops Home Automation Reviews

Posted by: T. Lacoma on Thursday, April 25th, 2013

Security System Reviews has named FrontPoint Security as the best home security company for 2013, citing its plethora of adaptable tech features, cost-friendly approach to clients, and consistent service. Protect America and LifeShield Security also ranked very high in the Security System Reviews scores.

FrontPoint Security’s primary offering includes a free app, enabling users to control all aspects of their system remotely from a smartphone as well as look up monitoring data so that customers not only receive updates in case of a break-in but also consistent information on all system activity. There is an additional feature that allows users to view live streaming video if they have bought the required technology.

FrontPoint also placed first because of its pricing plans. Base systems start at $99 with a three-year monitoring agreement, with the cellular monitoring option costing around $35 extra. The company lets users try out a 30-day trial version of systems with a 100 percent money back guarantee, and the equipment comes with a two-y ear warranty. The monitoring package includes fire, flood, freeze, smoke, carbon monoxide, and medical monitoring, all at no extra charge.

The review on the Security System Reviews website is largely glowing. “After a short consultation with a FrontPoint Security Consultant to determine your needs FrontPoint pre-programs your security system and ships it straight to your door - free of charge. Following the simple set up guide will have you plugging in your GE Simon XT Control Panel, peeling and placing your sensors and calling to activate your new security system in under an hour. No wires, no waiting, no hassle,” reports the reviewer.

This high regard for simplicity and ease-of-use has been a mantra of FrontPoint for some time. In a February 2013 statement on five predictions for the home alarm industry in 2013, FrontPoint forecasted that DIY and simple automation systems would conquer the market. Consumers, according to the company, will soon prefer to set up their own systems and customize their settings and updates (a model fully supported by the current FrontPoint products). The firm also believes that the time has come for even more smartphone monitoring and overall growth in interactive services that combine home automation with devices that consumers already use.

Current FrontPoint products are divided into intrusion detection, cameras with live feeds, and environment sensors, all primarily designed to be installed by users without any expensive or difficult wire installations. In addition to making the installation process more customer-centric, this friendly peel-and-place approach also allows long-term renters to set up security systems in their homes.

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