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Picking the Right Wireless Internet Provider

Choosing your wireless internet provider isn’t a decision to take lightly. Each passing day, we rely more and more on the internet in both our business and personal lives, only increasing the need for a connection you can count on. Several major internet providers, including industry big fish, have expanded their offerings in recent years, catering to a public demand for higher speeds and increased wireless connectivity. In short, when shopping around for a new internet provider, you have more options than ever before, even on a budget. To compare internet providers and get a feel for the level of customer satisfaction among current subscribers, read internet provider reviews and monitor comments closely. Wireless internet provider reviews can be particularly helpful in gauging the reliability and performance of a network, as company-driven claims often read similarly, regardless of brand name, when it comes to newer, more complex technology.

Wireless Internet Provider Reviews at a Glance

Verizon Wireless Internet – Verizon built its reputation on providing reliable wireless cell phone service, expanding its offerings alongside the evolving smart phone market. Today, however, Verizon stands ready to provide full-fledged wireless 4G internet to customers in several United States markets, recently releasing its 4G LTE network. Verizon also has the largest coverage network of any 3G (HSPA) provider, the previous generation of wireless technology, with plans to upgrade their full 3G network to 4G capability in coming years.

AT&T Wireless Internet – Like Verizon, AT&T has been a major player in the phone industry, later entering the wireless internet market. AT&T currently provides extensive 3G coverage, with plans to roll out the second layer of its 4G network within the year. Currently, AT&T offers 4G HSPA+ service with enhanced backhaul in select areas, scheduled to launch 4G LTE service to bolster speed at a later date. The AT&T HSPA+ network moves 4 times faster than the AT&T 3G network, when combined with enhanced backhaul. AT&T’s 4G LTE service will move even faster, once made available.

CLEAR Wireless Internet– CLEAR created the world’s 4G internet network, still the industry leader in WiMAX technology. Because CLEAR has more experience in providing 4G service, CLEAR 4G is now available in numerous markets across the country. Since CLEAR specializes in wireless internet as opposed to mobile devices, CLEAR partners with Sprint to satisfy customers looking for cell phone service, as Sprint’s smart phones are the first to offer 4G coverage. The CLEAR 4G WiMAX network was crafted specifically for computers, delivering the bandwidth and speed necessary to experience the internet as it was truly intended.

Comcast Wireless Internet– Comcast is the nation’s largest home internet service provider. Though Comcast does not offer its own exclusive 4G network, 4G access can be included in Comcast internet plans. Comcast partners with CLEAR to sell WiMAX powered 4G internet and Sprint for 3G internet, though the service is rebranded XFINITY 2go, in line with Comcast’s XFINITY hardwire and WiFi options. Pricing, data capping and contract length are also subject to Comcast’s discretion and will not mirror CLEAR 4G or Sprint 3G service.

T-Mobile Wireless Internet– Traditionally T-Mobile has offered 3G and HSPA+ grade 4G internet, more than enough for the cell phones and mobile devices the company has serviced. However, as other wireless providers are trending to upgrade to computer capable WiMAX or LTE 4G networks, T-Mobile risked falling behind in terms of customers who demand more sophisticated service. Fortunately, the recent merger with AT&T gives current T-Mobile customers the potential promise of joining AT&T’s 4G LTE network when it debuts at some point this year. In the post-merger era, both current AT&T and T-Mobile will benefit from additional spectrum, which comes in limited supply, and should improve service on the customer end.

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