Wireless Broadband  Internet Providers

Remember that not every wireless Internet provider is a offer mobile broadband internet. Some only offer access to Wi-Fi hotspots they have sprinkled across the country, while others have limited connections to 3G networks. When looking for a wireless broadband Internet provider, you want someone that can give you Internet anywhere you go.

Broadband is usually considered anything with 3G speeds or more. That means 3G, 4G, cable, fiber optic, and some forms of high-speed DSL.

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Wireless Internet Anywhere

Broadband wireless Internet gives you Internet on the go. You don’t have to find a local hotspot or plug into a Ethernet line. Just plug in your USB-powered wireless device and connect to the broadband network in your home, your office, even your car. You’ll receive speeds that match or exceed what you’d get at home on a Wi-Fi connection. That means you can stream movies and music on a car trip, browse the web, and check email.

Don’t be fooled by spotty coverage or claims of unlimited access to nationwide wireless hotspots. Those hotspots are often coffee shops, airports and hotels. With broadband Internet, you aren’t limited to a specific store or location for Internet access, use it any place you please.

Broadband Wireless Internet Providers

There are several providers to choose from, but not all of them offer true broadband wireless Internet. Here are a few of the following that do:

Time Warner Cable
Comcast Cable

When browsing these provider’s offerings, remember that some are not exclusive broadband wireless Internet providers. Some of them offer other services that you might be tied into, like cable TV, home phone or a cellular phone plan.